About Us

Alaska Property Managers serves the entire Anchorage and surrounding areas in Alaska with a wide range of property services. With a fresh new approach and decades of experience, we can help you make the most of your real estate investment.


Carrie Jaime – Managing Broker

Alaska Property Managers is led by Carrie Jaime (pronounced hi’ me), who is Managing Broker. Carrie has been investing in and managing rental properties since the age of 18. She currently manages approximately 200 residential units in Anchorage and surrounding areas in Alaska. She is a leader in our local property management industry and is the go-to person for many investors and local real estate professionals. Carrie was born and raised in Alaska.

She has three children and two grandsons. She currently is the volunteer coordinator for Alaskan Animal Rescue Friends and has been involved in animal rescue since 2010.

Carrie is building her company on responsive tenant and owner services that combine with the latest technology for new efficiencies in property management. We invite you to learn more about our properties and our services by contacting Alaska Property Managers today.

Crissy Thorne – Office Manager- Accounting

Crissy is a lifelong Alaskan. Hardworking Mother of three. Crissy has an associates degree in medical coding and billing. We are so lucky to have her on our team.

Kelly Kile – Property Manager

Kelly Kile has lived in the Anchorage area since 2002. For most of those years he has been a multifamily property investor and has managed his own properties. His passion for real estate led him to become a Realtor in 2014. However, in 2018 he made the decision to use his combined experience in real estate, managing and investing to give his full attention to residential property management.

Now, by volume, he is one of the largest individual property managers in the state.
Kelly has worked hard to grow his business. He is an excellent communicator and has an outstanding work ethic. He is a valued member of our property management team. He currently lives in one of his multifamily properties and has a small team.

Erica Mcconnell – Property Manager

Erica Mcconnell joined Alaska Property Managers in July 2018. Erica has been involved in real estate investments and property management since 2007, helping her mother manage numerous rental properties. She has deep roots in the state of Alaska, being born and raised in the 49th state.

Although real estate has always been a passion and interest, Erica started her career in transportation in 2009. While working in the industry, she became involved with local Alaskan nonprofit organizations and a number of community outreach programs.

In her spare time, Erica enjoys spending time with her family, including her two dogs, and entertaining and cooking for family and friends.

Sophia Laney – Property Manager

Sophia Laney is a lifelong Alaskan in her second career. Before becoming a property manager, Sophia was in management for a communications company for 20 years. Sophia has been managing her own income property since 2016 and decided to start her own business by expanding her business and investing in additional properties in 2019. She enjoyed property management so much, she decided she wanted to make it a full-time second career and joined Alaska Property Managers in 2020.

Sophia enjoys spending time with her family and has a wide range of hobbies for a creative outlet that keep her busy. She enjoys home improvement projects, knitting, sewing, making bath and beauty products, and cooking, but ultimately, loves spending time with family.

Nate Castle – Property Manager

Nate moved to Alaska from the East coast in 2010, driving 4900 miles with everything he owned in the back of his pickup truck. Looking for adventure in the 49th state, Nate enjoys hunting, fishing, 4x4 truck building, and off-road adventures with his wife, Ashley, and two kids, Natalia and Hunter.

Nate worked in logistics, starting in 2012 to the present, for two major shipping corporations.

In 2018, Nate started reading real estate investing and FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) books. Nate quickly realized that his new calling was to be an investor with the goal of early retirement to spend as much time as possible with his family.

In 2020, Nate bought his first investment property, a triplex, and quickly enjoyed the process of property management. Nate analyzes every property he manages as an investor, with the goal of maximum cash flow, equity growth, and increased wealth generation for all of his clients.

Ashley Castle: Nate's Assistant

Ashley Castle was born and raised in Alaska, on a solar powered, off-road homestead, hauling water by herself, on a snow machine, 4-wheeler in -65 below weather, trenching through the weather conditions. You can see her on the TV Show Railroad Alaska.

Ashley has a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Business Management with a Minor degree in Human Resources, achieved the CUCE Certification for Banking and Credit Union Regulations, a certification from the Institute for Integrated Nutrition as a Life and Health Coach and multiple other licenses and certifications looking to continue to inspire the world.

She is very ambitious, loves helping others, inspiring and leads with love and kindness. You can find her cooking, reading, working out, giving back to the community and always aiming to learn and reach that next level. Ashley lives for her fur baby, Jagger, her bonus kids, Natalia and Hunter, as well as her wonderful husband Nate. If you know her, you know she's all about her family, loyalty and loves seeing people win and accomplish their dreams.

Jessica Matich – Property Manager

As a lifelong Alaskan, Jessica has deep roots in this great state. After a 20+ year career in logistics and a Masters in Global Supply Chain Management, she decided to start a second career in property management.

Jessica started in property management in 2014 by managing her own investment properties. Before she branched out on her own, Jessica had the fortune of being able to watch her mother invest, grow and expand her property rental business in the Anchorage area. Through this, Jessica was able to absorb the ins and outs of the industry.

Jessica has many interests that include her animals. She is an avid competitor at AKC events such as dog confirmation shows and canine scent work. Jessica also enjoys attending to her Anchorage hobby farm which includes her horse, goats and chickens.

Erika Shumway – Property Manager

Erika was born and raised in Alaska, she grew up in Anchorage and then lived the quiet valley life in Wasilla for several years. After moving back to Anchorage for a short time, she decided the next place she wanted to call home was the city of Soldotna. She has a lengthy background in insurance sales and has always wanted to explore the opportunities that the Real Estate industry has to offer in the land of the midnight sun! She loves serving our team and our community as a Real Estate professional. She offers property Management services in Anchorage and Soldotna. Her great knowledge and experiences of Alaska help her to be a valuable asset as a Property Manager. She is a mother, an outdoor adventurist and an animal lover. She enjoys taking advantage of everything that Alaska has to offer. If she's not in the office or on her phone, you can find her in the mountains, at a lake, or camping in the wilderness.


Nikki Newman - Property Manager

Nikki is a lifelong Alaskan who enjoys playing hockey and hanging out with family and her dog. She recently became a licensed property manager and has strong work ethic and is excited to join our team and help you with your property management needs!

Alyssa Dooley - Property Manager

Alyssa Dooley has lived in Anchorage Alaska since 1996. She was born there and knows the town like the back of her hand. She accrued her associates degree in business management and decided to get her real estate license in 2020. She focused on selling residential homes, but decided to transition to property management. Her favorite part about property management is leasing up units and getting to see the joy from families that move into their new home.

Sarah Thompson - Administrative Assistant

Sarah is a lifelong Alaskan, currently studying business at University of Alaska Anchorage with an interest in real estate / property management.